Namibia Photo Gallery

Photography has been my favourite hobby since I was a teenager. With the help of books by the landscape photographer Ansel Adams, such as The Camera, The Negative or The Print, I learned the basics. In the past, I used various 35 mm cameras like the Nikon F100 and also a medium-format camera, the Rollei SL66. With the advent of digital photography, I started with the smaller DX-format, but then changed with a Nikon D810 to a full-frame DSLR. Now I have arrived at a mirrorless Nikon Z6 II. On my Namibia journeys I use a 24-200 mm zoom and a 14-30 mm zoom, which I keep in a compact, dustproof and waterproof photo bag.

In the gallery you can find a compilation of different pictures from Namibia.
All images © 2018 S. Getzin

Welcome to NAMIBIA-ECO-TOURS. Due to my studies in Namibia and interest in dryland ecology, I have known this exceptionally beautiful country for more than 20 years now. I invite you to an exclusive tour through Namibia.

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